Think Pink…

‘Think Pink…’ how many times have you heard that slogan this month? And it’s only the 7th day of October. As you are probably aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone from the NFL to local businesses (Gail’s Personalized Gifts included) are donating percentages of earnings to the cause. Many of you wear pink and participate in walks and various fundraisers. I am in full support of breast cancer awareness and promotion, but must admit until a few years ago didn’t ever want to ‘think pink’ or ‘think about cancer’. I somehow thought if I didn’t ‘think’ about it, ‘it’ would never penetrate the lives of my friends, family or me personally.

Almost three years ago, just before Thanksgiving, a neighbor of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. I joined her family for Thanksgiving and at that point, she wasn’t sure how far spread the cancer was and what she was facing. She was still in the shock phase. I knew breast cancer was a huge issue for women (and could be for men) but as I was sitting in her living room and listening to her scared, brave and raw thoughts, breast cancer awareness became real. Since then, she’s had surgery and undergone chemo and is currently cancer free. Since then, I’ve had more friends and family that have bravely fought the disease. Since then, I’ve ‘thought pink’ and realized breast cancer awareness doesn’t cause you to get cancer… the awareness gives women the fortitude to schedule that appointment and get checked. Per, ‘while most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.’ That is what October is all about!

Here at Gail’s Personalized Gifts, we are supporting the breast cancer awareness/research movement by donating a percentage of ‘think pink’ sales to the cause. We applaud women for taking that first step toward early detection and we applaud those of you who have bravely fought breast cancer. All of our ‘think pink sale’ items are listed here. Purchase today for your loved one battling and let them know we stand beside them. Contact us if you have any questions or special order requests.

A two part sample of the amazing items on our ‘Think Pink Sale Page‘ – click on the image below for item details. Click here for the full ‘Think Pink Sale Page’ listings!

Maddie Weekender Bag   Buckhead Bettie

‘The more people I meet, the more I love my dog’

Haha, isn’t this true?! For us dog lovers anyway… a dog is loyal, always excited to see you, is happy to get the same bowl of food with a few treats mixed in. For the most part, you know exactly what you’re getting with a dog – unless your Husky escapes the fence or your German Shepherd causes havoc barking at the neighbor’s dog (yes, personal experiences)!

People are always a question mark. Don’t get me wrong, we love people too 🙂 but you have to tread a little more carefully with co-workers, acquaintances and even family/friends than you do with (insert your loyal companion’s name here). One thing we at Gail’s Personalized Gifts know about people – if they love dogs, they will love any (or all) of these 3 Wood/Burlap Dog Plaques!

At extremely affordable pricing, the Mud Pie Wood and Burlap Dog Plaques will make an excellent birthday gift, hostess gift or secret gift for yourself (we won’t tell). They are super cute (with the ever popular burlap) and come in the 3 different sayings below. We have limited quantities (click the image below for details) so order today! Email us if you have any questions. Woof woof!


Bye Clearance… Hello FALL!

I love fall… football, holidays, family, leaves changing colors; the list goes on and on. In the personalized retail market, it is also a great time to say goodbye to a few of our summer items and hello to a whole new fall/winter selection. Though it is always bittersweet to say goodbye to our summer tans, days at the beach/pool/lake, and for us – goodbye to this summer selection – it is a necessary step! We have to send those kids back to school at some point… for our own sanity!

Here, in one, easy, accumulated page, we’ve posted a ‘super sale’ clearance list. Simply click on the image(s) you are interested in and you’ll get the pricing details and ordering information. Many of these items will still make great thank you gifts – for teachers, friends and game day/holiday party hostesses. Take a look around, you won’t find better pricing! Contact us if you have any questions; visit Gail’s Personalized Gifts to get those orders going today!

allfour beachbag strawclutchclutch dog hangingorganizer


Chinese New Year is one of the most vivacious and exuberant celebrations you’ll ever see. It consists of fifteen days of vibrant costumes, larger than life animal displays, numerous fairs, musical performances, acrobatics, prayer, food and good luck. As the participants are counting down the days to the start of the lunar calendar, they’ll be dressed fabulously… perhaps in costumes but definitely in COLOR. Oh the colors! The red, green, silver and gold… just one glimpse of the colors and you cannot help but to join in the celebration!

2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon. Singapore is even constructing a 360 meter waterway as a centerpiece for their ‘water parade’ performers, consisting of thousands of dancers and lineup acts from around the world. Dragons (known for their boldness and short temper) have long held a powerful place in representing Chinese Emperors. 2012 is a special year because the Water Dragon makes an occurrence in Chinese Zodiac only once every 60 years. One can only assume the celebrations (starting January 23, 2012) will be much more elaborate than normal! The Water Dragon exudes calm and empathy in contrast to the temper and boldness of the regular Dragon.

Don’t feel left out if you cannot travel to China for the celebration! World wide, participants gather to celebrate. A few of the notable destinations are Vancouver, BC; San Francisco, CA; Sydney, Australia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even with these destinations, we here at Gail’s Personalized Gifts aren’t really close enough to participate. Cleveland, Georgia is a far cry from any of the above (but a great city to work in). Since we won’t be visiting the Chinese New Year celebrations, we’ve decided to have our own celebration for 2012… The Year of the Wedding!

We’ve all felt this way – 20 of our closest friends and family members are getting married! Truth is, we’re probably not in 20 weddings but they do seem to happen concurrently. We LOVE it but there are also lots of details and lots of gifts!  That’s where Gail’s Personalized Gifts steps in to help. We specialize in The Year of the Wedding! From the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s special gifts to  bride/groom champagne flutes to Personalized Tervis Tumblers to PSA Personalized Stamps to crystal invitation plates for the bride and groom … we have your gifts taken care of.

Have you procrastinated? Though we don’t suggest it, don’t you worry – we have several of our wedding selection gifts in stock and can ship them out within 24-48 hours (shipping time additional). Our prices are extremely competitive and our customer service is sensational! Click here to see our current wedding gift options and allow us to help you celebrate The Year of the Wedding!

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Gail’s Personalized Gifts

details for the Chinese New Year extracted from TheStar.Com

(A very special thank you to my guest blogger, my daughter, April!)

Rain, rain, go away?

A ‘Rainy Day’ story from a guest blogger –

‘April showers bring May flowers.’  ‘Life is like a rainbow – you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.’  ‘I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again.’  There are many quotes about the rain, and even more opinions.  You have people that LOVE the rain.  They cannot wait to sit on the porch swing and listen to the rain come down.  Then you have those that hate it!  I have a feeling these people are mothers or babysitters or teachers that cannot go one more day without letting the kids out to run and play.

Most people are okay with the rain from time to time.  We all know it is essential to our planet.  Lush greenery, May flowers, streams and rivers – rain is beneficial.  I was one of those people that thought the rain was awesome, occasionally.  I loved to hear it against the roof at night as I fell asleep.  I loved to watch it while sitting on the porch or reading a book.  And then I moved to Seattle.

Now it rains ALL the time.  I had to buy rain boots just to walk the dog.  I have at least 4 umbrellas, one in each car and by each door.  The mountain trails are muddy, always.  It doesn’t pour and then stop… this rain is more like a constant mist coming down.  The clouds and the gray gloom over the city can drive you mad.  The fall season is okay.  You have football on tv and it’s getting cooler.  Staying inside is good. Then winter comes around and you have snow mixed in with the rain.  If you have a husky pup like I do, you get outside in that snow no matter how cold it is!  Now it is March.  And it’s still raining.  There is no end in sight.

But then comes summer.  The sun rises over the snow capped mountains.  You actually see blue sky!  The gray coloring of the sky is transformed into this bright blue mixed with hues of the sun.  And the flowers and trees – they are so colorful! The blooms showcase thousands of colors.  The trees are the most vibrant green.  The sunlight bounces off Lake Washington and you’re happy again.

Even though I need my umbrella and rain boots, and must have a cup of Starbucks in hand, I will still embrace the rain.  Why?  Because the rainbows are worth the rain. The summer is worth the winter.  And because I like the rain, especially if I have my personalized umbrella from Gail’s Personalized Gifts!

–Whether you are like our guest blogger and live in Seattle or just need an umbrella from time to time, check out our New Arrival Personalized Umbrellas!  From Alabama fans and their addiction to houndstooth to our stylish ladies and their polka dots to our kiddos and their love of frogs, we have an umbrella for everyone.  Male and female, young and old… see our entire umbrella selection hereEmail us with any questions; we look forward to helping you enjoy those rainy days.

Why We Are ‘All About’ Tervis Tumblers

Christmas is over already.  It’s flown by!  The stress of parties, shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning is over – but sadly also the enjoyable part of spending time with friends and family.  Christmas is a favorite holiday not just because of the pretty tree (by the way, my husband designed ours this year) and lights but also because of the reason for the season.  It’s a favorite because it is a time set aside to celebrate our faith, our family, and our friends.

Here are a few pictures of our party and decorations. . .christmas tree cropped

Another opportunity to spend time with friends and family is during the holiday football games.  Whether it is tailgating at the game or hosting an NCAA or NFL football party at your home, the food and drinks are just a chance to see those you love.  As the NFL season starts to wind down, Gail’s Personalized Gifts is promoting our New NFL Tervis Tumblers and Ice Buckets.  Let’s face it, though we love having people over, we don’t want that glass tipped off the table or dropped in the kitchen.  If you drop a Tervis Tumbler, all you have to worry about is cleaning up the drink (not the glass).  Tervis Tumblers are strong, durable and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!  They also reduce condensation and prevent rings (perfect for those guys hanging out around your beloved, wood dining table).

Of course, we are really hoping that our Atlanta Falcon’s will make it to Super Bowl XLV.  Regardless of which 2 teams will be playing, I know what we will be doing on Sunday, February 6th!!!   

See for the full list of pros in using Tervis products.  You’ll also find the teams, logos and sale prices we offer.  To make the Tervis Tumblers a perfect gift, have your friend’s first name or 3 initial circle monogram added to the back of the tumbler.  The ice bucket cannot be personalized, but still completes the gift set well.    Email us at if you have any questions before ordering.

Enjoy the holidays, cheer on your favorite teams, and be confident in your glassware by ordering our Tervis Tumbler products today!

Liz’s Story

Tervis Tumbler for "The Groovy Boobies"

When you think of support, what comes to mind? The definition says ‘Support – (a) to bear the weight of, (b) to hold in position as to keep from falling, sinking or slipping, (c) to keep from weakening or failing, (d) to provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities and (e) to aid the cause, policy or interests of’.

To me, support takes on an entirely new meaning when the world falls out from underneath you. If life is going well, you’re rushing from the mall to the grocery store and ‘stopping’ to support the cause of the local girl scouts would just take too much time – unless they are selling Thin Mints that is!

But tell me a loved one is seriously injured or sick… tell me my daughter has 6 months to live… tell me a newborn has a heart problem of 10+ (with 10 being the worst)… and support becomes more than a word. It becomes more than a ‘donation’. Support becomes absolutely anything I can do to ‘bear the weight of’ the issue at hand. It becomes absolutely anything I can do to ‘hold that loved one in a position as to keep from falling, sinking or slipping’. It becomes absolutely anything I can do ‘to keep my loved one from weakening or failing’.

All we know about Liz is a post from May 2010 when she said, “How do you explain to 8 year old twin girls about cancer? I’m lost.” We can imagine Liz loves being a mom. She probably dressed the twins in matching pink dresses when they were little. She probably thrives on hearing about their days when they get home from school. Liz probably dreams about the future of her girls – where they’ll go to college and whom they’ll marry…

I imagine life falls apart when you’re diagnosed with cancer. You don’t want to scare those closest to you and yet you cannot function without them. All of your ‘plans for tomorrow’ suddenly become uncertain. All of a sudden you’re falling down, down, down and only SUPPORT can pull you up. Only faith in God and by grasping to the hands of your loved ones can you pull yourself back up…

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has done a remarkable job in promoting awareness and support for those with breast cancer. The ‘pink ribbon‘ is instantly recognized as a support affiliation of breast cancer. The 2-day and 3-day walks raise billions in revenue to fund breast cancer research and prevention. One of the most remarkable success stories of those with breast cancer is the instant and unbreakable bond they feel with others affected by the disease. Watch coverage from one of the walks – complete strangers are walking together, crying together, laughing together – all in support of beating breast cancer.

Gail’s Personalized Gifts wants to do our part to raise awareness and support of breast cancer. We’ve financially supported those that have walked. We’ve prayed for and thought of those diagnosed. We will continue to support the fight. Stand along side us. We have two Tervis Tumbler options on our website that will help raise awareness this October. Tervis Tumbler makes a donation to breast cancer research for each pink ribbon tumbler that is purchased.

One of the Tervis Tumblers is clear with the pink breast cancer ribbon on the front. You can have a special message or team name added to the back to personalize it. Another option is the Pink Ribbon Wrap Tumbler that includes a fuchsia travel lid. Either option will instantly be recognized as supporting the cause.  Just go to the “Tervis Tumblers for Special Occasions” page at our web site to see all of the choices available.

Visit our website today and place your order for the Breast Cancer Awareness Tervis Tumblers! Email us at if you have questions or wish to make a group order (discounts available-the more you purchase at a time the lower the price per tumbler). Most of us can share a personal story of our battle with breast cancer or the battle of one we love… let’s all do our part to stand and ‘support’ those we know and those we don’t, all for the common bond of finding a cure.

PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM GAIL:  I wish that I could take credit for this amazing post – but I am proud to say that I can’t.  God has blessed me with wonderful daughters that are amazing and brilliant women.  April, thank you for finding the right passionate “words” when I could not find them.