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Mom. That says It All!

Mom. That says It All!

Mother. You know you have one. She had one too. Everyone does. If she is still in your life, you are blessed. If you have a grandmother still in your life, you are doubly blessed. Sometimes growing up you did not feel so blessed. It seems moms and grandmoms are everywhere you do not expect. Maybe your “mom” was an aunt that raised you, or an adopted mom. And they seem to know, just KNOW. Aggravating as it may be, you are her business. That is never going to change. It is a connection, some are great, some are static, some are gone.

Most moms are up before everyone else in the morning and long after they all go to bed. It goes unnoticed she gave her child the last piece and she had none. She losses touch with friends while she taxies her kids and their friends to all their events. She was given money for her birthday and she spent it on all her kids. Mothers are like that, yes they are.

Mom. No adjective needed. The name says it all. They must do it all in these hectic days. Their “to do” list are doubled:

  • Work from home
  • Teach all the subjects
  • 24/7 chef
  • Activity director
  • Tech support
  • Melt down shoulder
  • And on and on.

It only takes one thing to be a great mom, SELFLESSNESS.

Happy Mother’s Day

If you are blessed to still have your mother here this Mother’s Day, May 10th, then let us help you celebrate her. Gail’s Personalized Gifts has so many types of carryalls, buckets and totes that make perfect gift containers for you to show your mom some specialized treatment. No matter your budget you are certain to find something special and unique for her from our inventory of personalized gifts. Personalize any container with an initial or name, add some of our GIFTS FOR HER items, a PERSONALIZED TERVIS item or KITCHEN item. You can add framed photos of family, artwork, chocolates, soaps, bath, candles, makeup … unlimited ways to make a container filled with wonderful personalized gifts just for her. And, above all, make time to spend time with the Mom and Grandmothers in your life. Make a date for the movies, the beach or lake, a lunch or dinner is always special. Make her a card like you did for her in school, create a memory.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

from Gail @ GailsPersonalizedGifts.

The Best Moms Are …. SELFLESS!


Teaching Outside The Box

Teaching Outside The Box

Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts comic strip
Charles M. Schulz’s
Peanuts Comic Strip

From drive by parades to wave at students through the windows, to front porch teaching through the storm door … From online curriculum, emails, phone calls and so much more… Teaching has changed in these uncharted waters…. Teachers are reaching out to students from inside borders … They care more than ever before. They endure even more. They reach out in ways unimaginable to each child on their roll. The hours they spend may never be told.

It was time, if ever there was a time. NOW was the time and we needed them. They rose; they stepped up, even higher than we could have imagined. Students did not need a rock star, movie star or pro athlete.

Only a teacher could get the job done, their teachers. And so they did. All across the nation stories are being reported of teachers going the extra miles… of one on one, reaching out, beyond their roles. They used every imaginable method to teach. They need to be recognized. Let’s say thank you.

The official teacher appreciation day is May 5th and lasts all week. But, it will never be too late to send a gift to that teacher that reached out and went the extra, extra, EXTRA mile for your child and you in getting them through the end of school year 2020. At Gail’s Personalized Gifts we want to help you select a special teacher appreciation gift for your student’s teacher(s).

  • Buckhead Bettie 2020

In Times Like These

Self quarantine, who could imagine? Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), a common cold on steroids, has brought us to a screeching halt. What will happen? What will we do?

In America it means we come together, we stand strong, even in isolation. So many hurting, so many afraid. What can 1 do? We remember what American’s do. We act as ONE and extend out our hands in help:

• The elder neighbor who might need food
• The truck driver who cannot walk through drive-through
• The kids that are suddenly home-schooled and need help with studies
• The nurses, doctors, emergency staff, first
responders… are all working long hours. Can you help them with their personal errands? There are probably some who live in your neighborhoods.
• Do not forget the small businesses owners that make America great. They still need business to stay afloat.

Reach out in anyway you can. Be creative in lending a helping hand, it can be gloved, they will understand.

  • Call the salon, buy yourself a gift certificate for your usual manicure,
    pedicure or haircut to be used later
  • Call your favorite local eatery and ask if they will do take out
  • E-commerce businesses need you too, just like us.  I have gift certificates as well.

You know Easter is just around the corner and we’re still counting on you!  We have Easter gifts , baskets, buckets, wood signs, and totes.   Our Buckets are the best quality and you will not beat our prices.  You can leave them blank for decor or personalize them for that special child.  Order today for delivery straight to your door.  Please email me if you have any questions,

Happy Easter!

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Tailgating … it’s that time of year!

Tailgating … it’s that time of year!

tailgate-clip-art-tailgate-football-tailgate-clip-artYou probably thought tailgating was a recent phenomena, not really.   As far back as the civil war fans have gathered to cheer on their side.  Would you believe that picnic baskets were packed and carried to cheer on the soldiers?  The idea of people gathering together with food was believed to have started at the Battle of Bull Run in 1861.  The locals on both sides gathered to cheer on both sides.

Texans claim the right to the tailgate portion by the invention of the chuck wagon for cowboys on the range.  Charles Goodnight converted an old army wagon so he could prepare and cook food on the lowered gate where he placed a grill.

The origin of modern tailgating at sports events has as many theories as there are teams.  Some fans never even enter the stadium.  The Ivy League schools claim they started because you had to arrive so early to find parking since it was limited.  Some of the ‘party schools’ claim the tradition because they know how to party.

Some tailgate parties start 5 hours prior to the event.  According to Nationwide Insurance’s blog, 50 million tailgate each year spending over $12 billion!  35% of tailgaters never enter the stadium.  True fans tailgate as many as 6-10 times a season, spending over $500 in food each season.

What ever your reason or team, GailsPersonalizedGifts has your gear.  Need Personalized Bags and Totes?  How about a Tervis Tumbler representing your favorite collegiate team to keep your drinks cold?  Get your order in early!  It’s time to tailgate.

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Why We Are ‘All About’ Tervis Tumblers

Christmas is over already.  It’s flown by!  The stress of parties, shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning is over – but sadly also the enjoyable part of spending time with friends and family.  Christmas is a favorite holiday not just because of the pretty tree (by the way, my husband designed ours this year) and lights but also because of the reason for the season.  It’s a favorite because it is a time set aside to celebrate our faith, our family, and our friends.

Here are a few pictures of our party and decorations. . .christmas tree cropped

Another opportunity to spend time with friends and family is during the holiday football games.  Whether it is tailgating at the game or hosting an NCAA or NFL football party at your home, the food and drinks are just a chance to see those you love.  As the NFL season starts to wind down, Gail’s Personalized Gifts is promoting our New NFL Tervis Tumblers and Ice Buckets.  Let’s face it, though we love having people over, we don’t want that glass tipped off the table or dropped in the kitchen.  If you drop a Tervis Tumbler, all you have to worry about is cleaning up the drink (not the glass).  Tervis Tumblers are strong, durable and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!  They also reduce condensation and prevent rings (perfect for those guys hanging out around your beloved, wood dining table).

Of course, we are really hoping that our Atlanta Falcon’s will make it to Super Bowl XLV.  Regardless of which 2 teams will be playing, I know what we will be doing on Sunday, February 6th!!!   

See for the full list of pros in using Tervis products.  You’ll also find the teams, logos and sale prices we offer.  To make the Tervis Tumblers a perfect gift, have your friend’s first name or 3 initial circle monogram added to the back of the tumbler.  The ice bucket cannot be personalized, but still completes the gift set well.    Email us at if you have any questions before ordering.

Enjoy the holidays, cheer on your favorite teams, and be confident in your glassware by ordering our Tervis Tumbler products today!