Holidays ~ Time To Express Your Individuality!

You can take a trip to Epcot this time of year to see holiday traditions around the world.




Or, simply watch stories on the internet and social media to see all the festivities. With America being the great melting pot you can simply walk or drive through neighborhoods.




The traditional Christian Nativities and Jewish Menorahs and their church or synagogue services are neighbored with Santa lands and Grinch land.

From Blue Spruce and Firs img_8632-2 to Palm Treesimg_8633-2, to snow drifts and sand, holidays vary across our land. 

From sleigh rides and Santa parades to boat parades, and indoor fireside meals to poolside and beaches, we meet, eat and celebrate.

img_8637-1img_8640-1 img_8638-1

No matter your holiday flair, Gail’s Personalized Gifts is here to set a unique and personalized theme from table to gifts.  There are over 360 different products that make greats personalized gifts for any occasion, including Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. So get your orders in to Gail’s Personalized Gifts in early for that special gift.



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