Halloween Photo Taking Tips…

How many Elsa’s do you know this year? Seriously… is every little girl between the ages 2-4 going to be Elsa? I love it, and I’ve not even seen the movie Frozen yet (the power of having a little boy). Yesterday I attended an informal, free photo workshop and really enjoyed it. You could bring your kids and the photographer teaching the workshop would take a few pictures of them while giving you tips. My little guy was a tiger but there were at least two Elsa princesses in this small group!

The photographer gave me a few suggestions I thought I’d pass along before Halloween. One – don’t stress! As much fun as Halloween can be, it can also be stressful if you’re entertaining or trying to meet friends at a certain time. Getting everyone dressed and out the door can usually amount to an appropriate level of stress! If easier, snap a picture of your little one on a different day (have them play dress up). Two – don’t forget the detail. If your little guy is like mine, he’s not loving his costume (especially the tiger head). He may not give you that perfect picture of a scary but sweet tiger… BUT the tiger tail is adorable! If you can get him in the costume, snap a picture of him walking up to a door for candy and focus on the details of the costume like the tiger tail. Three – have your child look up. Not awkwardly so, but if you get on their level but slightly above, the child will have to look up as you’re taking the picture. This allows the light (assuming a good position) to reflect in their eyes and makes a better photo.


Halloween is Friday! What are you going to be? The kids or pets dressing up too? Gail’s Personalized Gifts wants to treat you guys! Shipping candy may prove difficult, so we’ve decided on treating you with a chance to win a free gift! The contest is quick and easy…

1) post a picture of your child, grandchild or pet in his/her costume (or from the pumpkin patch) to our Facebook page, 2) either enter your email address in a comment under the post or email us the picture in addition to your Facebook post and 3) like your photo on the Facebook page. It’s that easy! You have until 11 PM on Sunday, November 2 to post the picture and one randomly chosen winner will be announced on Monday morning (Nov. 3). The winner will be able to choose from one of the three gifts below (embroidery* and shipping are covered as well). Let us know if you have any questions. You don’t have to be a repeat customer to win… so tell all your friends about the giveaway too!

*Wood/Burlap Dog Plaques cannot be embroidered. One name or initial set is included for the bag or pillow.

Winner chooses from 1 of the 3 gifts below!

Wood and Burlap Dog Plaques
Maddie Weekender Bag
Maddie Weekender Bag
Personalized Sports Pillows

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