We Interrupt This… Think Pink Sale

My sister has a decorative sign in her living room that says ‘We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season.’ I’ve always loved that sign! Gail’s Personalized Gifts has been promoting a ‘Think Pink Sale‘ to do our part for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A percentage of each pink sale is donated to breast cancer research. While we will continue that sale through October 30, 2014 (so keep those orders coming in!), we interrupt this ‘Think Pink Sale’ to offer you a special, one day, 20% off sale on the featured products below.

This product line is from one of our most valued vendors. The featured sale products range from jewelry to scarves to cutting boards, and much more in between! Click here to see the full page of sale products. This is a hurry it up type of order… the sale starts at 12 AM and only lasts until 11 PM, EST on Friday, October 24, 2014. That’s tomorrow! Of course, email us if you have any questions on the products or placing an order.

A few of the products featured in the Oct 24 one day 20% off sale (see bit.ly/oct24sale for the full sale listing):


clipboard pendantscarf umbrellas






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