Easter, The Beginning…

Easter. New Life. Spring. The winter has come and gone … the sun begins to shine longer as new life erupts.

The word Easter, the beginning of spring attached to the goddess Eostre, became entwined with the 7th century celebration of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ by early English Christians. They were celebrated at the same time. Over the next centuries, as immigrants traveled to America they brought their own celebrations and they were incorporated slowly into what is now Easter.

It is easy for kids to be caught up in holiday celebrations without knowing where they came from. Many parents are rethinking the whole season and seeking to help their children understand where Easter began and why we celebrate.

It truly began in 33 BC. But, by the 1700s it was intertwined with so many celebrations. German immigrants brought their spring celebration in the 1700s to America which included an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase”. Rabbits are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life. The children made nests for the mythical creature and they were rewarded with colored eggs.

Over the years the nests became baskets and buckets designed in spring colors, filled with gifts and candy and the eggs became chocolate.

Christians use the egg as the symbol of new life and to represent Christ’s resurrection from the tomb. At one time eggs were forbidden during Lent by the Catholic Church so they were decorated and saved, eaten at the end of Lent.

It is never too young to begin introducing the Easter season’s real meaning into your child’s life. Many children’s programs now include the resurrection eggs craft to explain the story of Christ’s death, burial and Resurrection to children.

As Easter celebrations have become more secularized, some church schools, churches and families have made them into two separate events, Spring and Easter, so that children can separate the two in their understanding.

As you plan your Easter and Spring celebrations for your families, let me be the first to wish you a blessed Easter, Resurrection Sunday and celebration of Spring. ~ Gail @ Gail’s Personalized Gifts

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Love in any language ....
Love In Any Language

The Legend of Valentine’s Day

Lupercalia was a Roman celebration of the beginnings of spring that began in February as early as 496BC. Legends say that names were drawn from a box for boys and girls to be boyfriend/girlfriend during the festival. It would even lead to marriage.

Then the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage. He said married men were bad soldiers. Legends say a Priest named Valentine felt the emperor was wrong and performed marriages in secret. The Emperor found out, imprisoned and sentenced Valentine to death. The priest fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. The legend further says that when Valentine was taken to be executed he left a letter to her from “Your Valentine”. Over the years”Your Valentine” became a way for people to say they loved you.

You can say you love someone in a very special and unique way by giving a personalized gift for Gail’s Personalized Gifts.

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But, What If …

If wishes were horses, beggars could ride. It’s June and you knew the wedding was coming …. if only you had planned ahead. So don’t wish, take action!

2019 – New Year, new start … resolutions. Get organized, get orderly, take advantage and plan ahead.

That is what everyone wants, to plan ahead and make the year smooth, orderly. Everywhere you look stores are reducing inventory and making room by selling off inventory and organizing for the coming year. It is your best time of year to make a list of the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, teacher appreciation gifts, holidays and special events. I have a special gift area in my home where I buy up for the coming year; even for next Christmas. Right now you can take advantage by organizing for the coming year while saving money as businesses are making room for this year’s stock by clearing out their stock rooms with great sales.

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It’s that time of year.  Thanksgiving starts a wonderful time of year for family and friends to gather.  You are hunting for the family platter for the Turkey or Ham. platter2  Or, maybe you have that favorite centerpiece you use every year.   My mother had a cornucopia that she filled with flowers one year and maybe olives and pickles the next.  It was always on the table, just like grandmother’s turkey platter; something you could count on.    cornicopia

Maybe this year you are figuring how to add two more seats to the seating.  Who will be at the “kids” table (we all hated that term and now we are doing it ourselves).  Every family has their way of celebrating Thanksgiving.  Not everyone cooks a turkey the same way or at all.  It can be baked, brined, grilled, smoked … anyway you can imagine. Some bring in their own cultures and cook ham, fish, various fowl, sausage and various other meats.

But, what is just as important are the tables that we gather around.  table.jpgIt is a time for family and friends to gather and talk.  To get out of the electronic age.  We have a “no electronics rule” for the table.  Decorating is unique and special.  I have my mother’s old turkey dishes and cups.   Mother had service for 14-32 depending on the season.  turkeyplate

Whether you are gathering at grandmother’s, a favorite relative or friend’s home, or you are the host, you are probably making a side-dish or dessert.  My favorite to bring is my Sweet Potato Pecan Crumble Casserole  I grew up with a traditional marshmallow topping over just plain mashed sweet potatoes.  But, once I tasted the pecan crumble I was a fan.  Then I started “messing” with the sweet potatoes too.  The total result is a success.  I have kids, grands and friends eating sweet potatoes that never touched them before.  What’s your favorite side?  Or, are you the dessert bringer?  I love to bake one of my County Fair blue ribbon pies (lemon and chocolate being my favorites). chocolate pie

So as you prepare to breakout the platter, recipes, decor, and the table settings this year, add a special touch to your holiday table with our new personalized tall highball or ice tea glasses and one of our personalized 60 oz. glass pitcherGail’s Personalized gifts is your GO-TO for all monogrammed glasses and bar ware any time of the year.  Order yours in time for Thanksgiving.




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pinkIn 1991 Charlotte Hayley began writing letters to legislators, First Ladies, Dear Abby and the general public.  She even handed them out at grocery stores.  Thousands of these cards were handed out by her.  She had one goal, to make people aware.  She attached a PEACH ribbon to the cards that read:

“The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is 1.8 billion US dollars, and only 5 percent goes to cancer prevention. Help us wake up our legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.”

Self Magazine’s editor in chief, Alexandra Penney was very interested in Charlotte’s efforts and approached her while working on the 1992 national Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue of Self magazine.  Charlotte Hayley was not interested in the adaption of her program into the magazine’s promotion.  She felt is was too commercial.  The magazine went ahead with their approach and changed the color of the now recognized PINK ribbon.  While Ms. Hayley’s grassroots effort were altruistic, there comes a time when an issue needs to go commercial to get the message out there.  The Pink Ribbon pinkIt is now a world-wide emblem of Breast Cancer Awareness.  More women are aware and seek early prevention because of the public awareness.

Charlotte Hayley’s story is detailed in the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc.”  She died in 2014 at 91 years young.  She certainly got the world thinking and made women aware.

We all know women and even some men, who are breast cancer survivors.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  GailsPersonalizedGifts offers unique gifts to send to your Breast Cancer Survivor to honor their journey and success.  There will be many walkathons and events to show support this October.  Send a Tervis Tumbler, backpack, golf towel, Pink Carry All Tote, or Buckhead Betties tote, to show support for the one on their journey or a survivor of breast cancer.   We also have a Team Pink Atlanta 3-day Walk Tervis tumbler or water bottle to show your support for this wonderful event in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month



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tailgate-clip-art-tailgate-football-tailgate-clip-artYou probably thought tailgating was a recent phenomena, not really.   As far back as the civil war fans have gathered to cheer on their side.  Would you believe that picnic baskets were packed and carried to cheer on the soldiers?  The idea of people gathering together with food was believed to have started at the Battle of Bull Run in 1861.  The locals on both sides gathered to cheer on both sides.

Texans claim the right to the tailgate portion by the invention of the chuck wagon for cowboys on the range.  Charles Goodnight converted an old army wagon so he could prepare and cook food on the lowered gate where he placed a grill.

The origin of modern tailgating at sports events has as many theories as there are teams.  Some fans never even enter the stadium.  The Ivy League schools claim they started because you had to arrive so early to find parking since it was limited.  Some of the ‘party schools’ claim the tradition because they know how to party.

Some tailgate parties start 5 hours prior to the event.  According to Nationwide Insurance’s blog, 50 million tailgate each year spending over $12 billion!  35% of tailgaters never enter the stadium.  True fans tailgate as many as 6-10 times a season, spending over $500 in food each season.

What ever your reason or team, GailsPersonalizedGifts has your gear.  Need Personalized Bags and Totes?  How about a Tervis Tumbler representing your favorite collegiate team to keep your drinks cold?  Get your order in early!  It’s time to tailgate.

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September 9, 2018


You are someone’s legacy.   That thought encouraged West Virginian Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade to establish a national holiday that would honor grandparents, and give them a chance to share with their children’s children all the love, knowledge and history of their family.  It was first launched in her home state in 1973 and  by 1979 National Grandparents Day was proclaimed at the national level for the first Sunday after Labor Day.   Forty years ago grandparents were normally called Grandfather, Grandmother, Granny, Gramps, or Pappa and Nanna.

But, our great melting pot has added so many other names from various cultures like, Abuelo and Abuela in Spanish, Nonno and Nonna in Italian, and Opa and Oma in German.  Imagine trying to find those names on an item!  And with a less formal society nicknames like GG for Great-grandfather or grandmother Gail have arrived on the scene.  Some children have added their own special names for their grands.  My oldest nephew was special needs and my mother always said “hogwash”, so she became “granny hogwash”.  My husband called his grandmother Egee because he could not say “Grandmother Edith”.  No special items were ever found for them.

But, all that has changed!  There are so many names to call that special grandparent and ONE special place to order that special gift this year: Gail’s Personalized Gifts!   You have time to order great gifts that can be personalized with your unique grandparent names.  Need a bag with Nanu on it – we can do that.  Need a tumbler with Pop Pop on it, we can do that.  We can even add pictures to those personalized tumblers.   Image their delight when they receive a tumbler with their special name and their grandkids picture.   Order today – Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 9, 2018!


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Back To School (2)

It’s that time …. back to school and back to school traditions!   Are you ready?  School supplies, teachers names, bus schedules.  So many things to get in order.

All over the world children are getting ready for a new year of school.  Did you know that means specific traditions in many countries?  Not every country starts school in August or September.  School bus schedules do not exist.  There may not be buses or books.  Let’s take a short trip around the world.

Most children in America look forward to a new backpack, lunch bag and pencil case.  Some of my grandchildren were raised overseas.  Their father was raised in Germany where school kids look forward to a schulueteA cone shaped goodie filled treat bag.


But my grand-kids were raised on a Greek isle and the traditions there are starting school the second week of September. They have two weeks for Easter and Christmas and four national holidays.  Like America they would have a new book bag.  There were new notebooks, pencils and various teacher requested items for each student.  They wore tradition school uniforms. They learned traditional Greek songs and dances.


In Italy moms are shopping for a grembiule for primary kids to wear over their clothes.  It is a work smock.


If your kids or grandkids were raised in Russian cultures, they would celebrate the first day as “Knowledge and Skills” day.  The day is filled with ceremonies and is formal so they dress up.  They take a bouquet of flowers to their teacher and she gives them a balloon in return.


In Malaysia school starts in early January.  In Brazil the school year begins in early February. 

In Holland children ride to school in an eco-friendly bakfietsen or cargo bike instead of placing them on a school bus or driving them in a car. 


In Tokyo they learn to take the subway as early as six.  In Singapore they ride “smart buses” that notify the parents 10 minutes before it arrives and lets parents know when their student gets on the bus and when they arrive at the school.  It also takes attendance for the school and gives the driver the bus route.

In Caracas and parts of Asia they ride cable cars and very scary homemade basket cable transportation to get from their village to the nearest school.  They climb rail ladders to get to the cars.


And in France kids can ride a school bike-bus. 


But, here in America we are starting school in August and September and it is time to get those much needed new backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases.  Gails Personalized Gifts Back To School 2018 can make your child’s special and unique.  No chance of someone getting their’s mixed up with other kids.  Check out some of her new collections:

Confetti Pop Collection Confetti_Pop_Collection group shot labeled.jpg day dream collection labeled Day Dream Backpack

Puppy Preschool Backpack puppy preschool backpacks labeled sparktacular group shot lunch bag and backpackSparktacular Backpack


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A Father By Any Name


There are so many origin theories to the beginning of Father’s Day, as many as five different ones in the USA alone.   One origin even dates back to 4,000 years ago in Babylon.  A clay tablet was found depicting a note to a father from his young son named Elmesu.  The tablet is believed to be the oldest reference to celebrating a father.  He wished his father good health and a long life.

A well-documented theory for modern-day celebrations is believed to have begun from a labor of love of Sonora Dodd.  She began working on her idea for the celebration of fathers after listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.  Her mother had died in childbirth when she was 16 and her father raised her and her five siblings.  Thanks to her effort and working alongside the YMCA, Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910 in Spokane.  Other versions are also credited, however, it was not until President Coolidge supported the idea in 1924 that it began to take hold.  He said it was a way to,  “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations”.  In 1966, over forty years later, President Johnson signed a proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  In 1972 President Nixon established it as a permanent holiday

On March 19th, many countries that are predominately Catholic celebrate fathers on St. Joseph’s Day.  All over the world countries have added a secular version of celebrating father figures and pay tribute to them.  The celebration dates are as varied as the countries… from New Zealand to Argentina, Belgium to Brazil, Germany to Japan, Australia, Norway, France and India, all honor the special men in our lives.

Whatever the theory, wherever they are, fathers are celebrated each year.  Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Papi … so many names.  There is no single description of what a father means either.  In everyone’s life he is someone different.  Some are biological; some are generational, like a grandfather or uncle.  Everyone has that special male role model that they could lean on.  Whether a mentor, a supporter, a teacher, a father or like a father, you want to celebrate them.  Some are strong and leaders; some are quiet yet supportive.  Some are always there in the background.  For many of us there is no way to state all that a father is to us.  Sometimes you can only say thank you.

As Father’s Day approaches, reach out, say thank you, I love you.  Let us customize that special gift for that special man in your life this Father’s Day!  Click on the link below to search for that great personalized gift for that special father figure in your life.  Our “Gifts for Him” is sure to have something to make his day.

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Halloween Photo Taking Tips…

How many Elsa’s do you know this year? Seriously… is every little girl between the ages 2-4 going to be Elsa? I love it, and I’ve not even seen the movie Frozen yet (the power of having a little boy). Yesterday I attended an informal, free photo workshop and really enjoyed it. You could bring your kids and the photographer teaching the workshop would take a few pictures of them while giving you tips. My little guy was a tiger but there were at least two Elsa princesses in this small group!

The photographer gave me a few suggestions I thought I’d pass along before Halloween. One – don’t stress! As much fun as Halloween can be, it can also be stressful if you’re entertaining or trying to meet friends at a certain time. Getting everyone dressed and out the door can usually amount to an appropriate level of stress! If easier, snap a picture of your little one on a different day (have them play dress up). Two – don’t forget the detail. If your little guy is like mine, he’s not loving his costume (especially the tiger head). He may not give you that perfect picture of a scary but sweet tiger… BUT the tiger tail is adorable! If you can get him in the costume, snap a picture of him walking up to a door for candy and focus on the details of the costume like the tiger tail. Three – have your child look up. Not awkwardly so, but if you get on their level but slightly above, the child will have to look up as you’re taking the picture. This allows the light (assuming a good position) to reflect in their eyes and makes a better photo.


Halloween is Friday! What are you going to be? The kids or pets dressing up too? Gail’s Personalized Gifts wants to treat you guys! Shipping candy may prove difficult, so we’ve decided on treating you with a chance to win a free gift! The contest is quick and easy…

1) post a picture of your child, grandchild or pet in his/her costume (or from the pumpkin patch) to our Facebook page, 2) either enter your email address in a comment under the post or email us the picture in addition to your Facebook post and 3) like your photo on the Facebook page. It’s that easy! You have until 11 PM on Sunday, November 2 to post the picture and one randomly chosen winner will be announced on Monday morning (Nov. 3). The winner will be able to choose from one of the three gifts below (embroidery* and shipping are covered as well). Let us know if you have any questions. You don’t have to be a repeat customer to win… so tell all your friends about the giveaway too!

*Wood/Burlap Dog Plaques cannot be embroidered. One name or initial set is included for the bag or pillow.

Winner chooses from 1 of the 3 gifts below!

Wood and Burlap Dog Plaques

Maddie Weekender Bag
Maddie Weekender Bag

Personalized Sports Pillows

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