Appreciating Teachers

Teaching has changed. It went sideways, upside down, inside out and every imaginable way but, right side up. Some teachers are retiring early due to constraints on their programs. Some are leaving their hard worked for profession. Stressed out, overworked, overwhelmed and grossly underpaid. The same theme is filtering in from various states.

Liz in FL shared – “Challenging: Teachers are known for and required to be flexible. This year has redefined the word. Learning to design web pages. Painful/Difficult: As strictly an eLearning teacher for most of the year, I grieved not being with my students. I love to teach, but I love my students more.”

Caroline in N. Carolina says – “The most difficult part about the past year was not being able to see/interact with the kids in person. As an elementary art teacher we taught our students online and often had over 60 kids (we taught whole grade levels at a time) in our zoom meeting at once. With so many kids at one time and only 40min blocks, it was difficult to have many meaningful conversations with them or see their thought process as they made their artwork. This was always the most important and fun part of teaching for me.”

Ava in KY writes, “For me, the hardest part was the media continuing to say that we need to re-open schools. While every day at my school we came to work. We called, we emailed and we messaged parents and students daily. We delivered work to their front door and picked it up! I watched my husband/teacher work tirelessly to educate his students via zoom and phone calls for more than 12 hours daily. We were open. We were there to help and in so many many ways. I hope this past year really opens a lot of parents eyes about what teachers and staff at schools really do. We do it because we care.”

A teacher from GA states she witnessed: 1) Some students lack of effort. 2) Absences – a sharp rise in parents taking advantage of adjusted policy for vacation and expecting consideration for makeup work. First semester I literally came home every day took about a two hour break to be mom and then spent about 2-3 hours working on lessons to put on Canvas and answering emails. I was so stressed out. I have learned to keep work separate from family and within confines of school hours.

As a parent who has come along side your child’s education in a new and challenging way, hopefully you realize the difficult year 2020-2021 has been for educators. Certainly, you have felt discouraged and challenged for your own children. Can you imaging having 25 or more to teach? High School teachers see over 100 different students. Now more than ever we need to reach out and encourage our educators with encouraging words, and actions. Stand along side them in any and all ways that you can. This year’s teacher appreciation week is May 2-8. Reach out and let them know you appreciate them.

As a former teacher, I can tell you even the smallest word of appreciation is so appreciated. If I can be of any assistance in helping you encourage your child’s teacher, I am here to help. Gail’s Personalized Gifts has a variety of items to select from appropriate for teachers. Let your child make them feel special and appreciated. Feel free to email me with any questions.


Do You Know A Small Business Owner?

Do you know all the ways you can simply help them grow each day with just a few strokes on your keyboard or phone? That is right, you can daily help their business grow in just a matter of a few seconds and keystrokes.

These are difficult times for everyone. But, imagine if you have a small business and you are depending on online sales. Wait, what does that have to do with keystrokes you are wondering, right? Well so many of us use social media to advertise our products. And search engines use algorithms to move our products in view. Even if we buy ads, those ad placements are based on algorithms. That is where you can help your favorite local business and friends’ businesses (like mine :-D), affect the outcome.

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other media, our products have to be visible for others to see and shop. We can easily help our local and friends’ businesses to be front and center with just keystrokes … a “Like” on a post, or a “LOVE HEART”. But, more importantly are comments. Even one word comments fit into the algorithms the medias are now utilizing. And, if you REALLY want to make a difference, share their posts. We share so many stories, pictures and other information on social media. Sharing a business’ online post, blog or ad that you support gives extra power to their site. Not only are you an encouragement to them, you are showing others you trust them with your business and they can too.

Here is an example: Facebook updated 12/20/2020 with the following – The ability to “Like” a page was removed, leaving just “Followers”. By following that business you will see posts. The more followers the more people see the posts. It is a domino effect. When you see a post pop up in your feed and check “like” it helps the business. You post a comment, even one word like “Great”, you help the business. See how simple? Algorithms are so complex and hard to understand. But, the reality of helping each other in these trying times is just a click and one word reply, or share away.

So, now what can you do?

Like, Comment & Share

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Please consider “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” each time you see my business’ post. Thanks so much. ~ Gail



Giving Thanks When It’s Hard

November has arrived, not soon enough and yet too soon. It has been a year like no other. For some it is the worse year of their life. And for others it does not rank in the top five of their worse years. We tend to look at time and all the circumstances in certain time slots and judge the whole as bad or good. Giving thanks in November has been a celebration we have observed for over a century and a half. In 1863 President Lincoln established a national holiday to give thanks each November. It was the middle of the Civil War, and he wanted everyone to pause and give thanks.

Giving thanks in trying times can be difficult. Looking for something good to be thankful for opens the doors for hope. If something good has happened during a difficult time, no matter how difficult, then there is hope for better times. Hope is a verb. It requires action. From action comes reaction. Hope is contagious and spreads, bringing joy and comfort.

This Thanksgiving is no different than any of your past ones. There is hope when you give thanks for the good, the bright spots in your days. And suddenly you feel it is all going to be alright in the end. So plan your Thanksgiving as any other. Plan to spread hope throughout the day to loved ones, family and friends.

I want to start by giving thanks for all my customers that have shopped with me. You give me hope. I am thankful for you. Blessings this Thanksgiving to you and yours. ~ Gail

As always, I am here for you with any of your personalized needs. I look forward to helping you with special selections and gifts from Gail’s Personalized Gifts for the Holidays. 2020

Are You Ready? Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 13, 2020

What a year! And it is not over. So much happening everyday. Your world is spinning out of control. But, there is that calming reassurance from the generation before. You know if you reach out to them they are there for you.

If you are blessed to still have your parents and grandparents, they will tell you they have seen so much. For most of them this is their fourth pandemic in their lifetime. Everyday they are there for you in word or action.

For some, grandparents have stepped in as taxi driver, babysitter, home school teacher. Many have just been there to assure you it will be alright and remind you times have been worse, might get unbearable, but then you will see that light at the end of the tunnel.

You thank them. You hug them and tell them you love them. And with the upcoming celebration of Grandparents’ Day you can even give a little something back that is personalized just for them.

What is the pet name your kids gave them? GG, Gramps, Neena, Papa? Maybe the traditional grandmother and grandfather. It does not matter. At Gail’s Personalized Gifts, we can make them something specifically for them. Check out their special page for grandparents, and if you have any questions contact us.

For all they do for you, say a special thank you this Grandparent’s Day. 2020

What’s A Dad Gotta Do?

Times are crazy and things are upside down, turned around and sometimes missing. Today’s dads adapt to the changes and even take on new roles. Many traditional dads work and provide as in days gone by but, make time to be involved more in their child’s life. Not just sports but, dance, music, and clubs. Many dads take care of the home-front 20%, 50% or more too. Single dads, grandpa dads, dads step up to home plate.

Really good dads place themselves way down on the priority ladder. They may be on their last straw but, they manage to read that nighttime story, find time to throw the ball or, help with homework.

Daddies’ girls, little buddies or pals, all look up to him. Dad, Papa, Daddy, Pops. Who’s your daddy?

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st. We hope you have time together to make new memories to last a lifetime and reflect on good ones from days gone by.

Gails’s Personalized Gifts can personalize and email a gift certificate for your special dad. We are here for all your special and personalized gift needs. Email us for all your custom personalized gifts. 2020

Mom. That says It All!

Mom. That says It All!

Mother. You know you have one. She had one too. Everyone does. If she is still in your life, you are blessed. If you have a grandmother still in your life, you are doubly blessed. Sometimes growing up you did not feel so blessed. It seems moms and grandmoms are everywhere you do not expect. Maybe your “mom” was an aunt that raised you, or an adopted mom. And they seem to know, just KNOW. Aggravating as it may be, you are her business. That is never going to change. It is a connection, some are great, some are static, some are gone.

Most moms are up before everyone else in the morning and long after they all go to bed. It goes unnoticed she gave her child the last piece and she had none. She losses touch with friends while she taxies her kids and their friends to all their events. She was given money for her birthday and she spent it on all her kids. Mothers are like that, yes they are.

Mom. No adjective needed. The name says it all. They must do it all in these hectic days. Their “to do” list are doubled:

  • Work from home
  • Teach all the subjects
  • 24/7 chef
  • Activity director
  • Tech support
  • Melt down shoulder
  • And on and on.

It only takes one thing to be a great mom, SELFLESSNESS.

Happy Mother’s Day

If you are blessed to still have your mother here this Mother’s Day, May 10th, then let us help you celebrate her. Gail’s Personalized Gifts has so many types of carryalls, buckets and totes that make perfect gift containers for you to show your mom some specialized treatment. No matter your budget you are certain to find something special and unique for her from our inventory of personalized gifts. Personalize any container with an initial or name, add some of our GIFTS FOR HER items, a PERSONALIZED TERVIS item or KITCHEN item. You can add framed photos of family, artwork, chocolates, soaps, bath, candles, makeup … unlimited ways to make a container filled with wonderful personalized gifts just for her. And, above all, make time to spend time with the Mom and Grandmothers in your life. Make a date for the movies, the beach or lake, a lunch or dinner is always special. Make her a card like you did for her in school, create a memory.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

from Gail @ GailsPersonalizedGifts.

The Best Moms Are …. SELFLESS!


Teaching Outside The Box

Teaching Outside The Box

Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts comic strip
Charles M. Schulz’s
Peanuts Comic Strip

From drive by parades to wave at students through the windows, to front porch teaching through the storm door … From online curriculum, emails, phone calls and so much more… Teaching has changed in these uncharted waters…. Teachers are reaching out to students from inside borders … They care more than ever before. They endure even more. They reach out in ways unimaginable to each child on their roll. The hours they spend may never be told.

It was time, if ever there was a time. NOW was the time and we needed them. They rose; they stepped up, even higher than we could have imagined. Students did not need a rock star, movie star or pro athlete.

Only a teacher could get the job done, their teachers. And so they did. All across the nation stories are being reported of teachers going the extra miles… of one on one, reaching out, beyond their roles. They used every imaginable method to teach. They need to be recognized. Let’s say thank you.

The official teacher appreciation day is May 5th and lasts all week. But, it will never be too late to send a gift to that teacher that reached out and went the extra, extra, EXTRA mile for your child and you in getting them through the end of school year 2020. At Gail’s Personalized Gifts we want to help you select a special teacher appreciation gift for your student’s teacher(s).

  • Buckhead Bettie 2020

Above and Beyond

Paige B., RN
Paige B., RN

Nurses, going above and beyond to care for another person’s health. The first recorded instance was in the book of Romans in the Bible. Paul sent Phoebe, a deaconess, to Rome to nurse men and women. In 165-180 AD, records show Christian nurses caring for the sick in a smallpox epidemic. Under the Council of Nicea, a hospital was built in every town where a cathedral was built. Nursing was established but, not highly respected or organized until the modern day concept of nursing. Florence Nightingale provided the groundwork of professional nursing by establishing a nursing school at St. Thomas Hospital in London. She was highly organized, a statistician and reformer.

Today, if you are ever in a doctor’s office, medical center, hospital or long care facility, you know that nurses are the pulse. They get things done. They see the details and handle them. They think ahead, suggest, instigate … they care. They take charge and look after their patient.

Currently we are in the fourth pandemic of our country’s history in the past 125 years. Once again nurses have stepped up and gone above and beyond during the COVID19 situation. Long hours, lack of sleep, lack of time for food and even family time; nurses care. They see to the needs of your loved ones and care for them. They even do things in your place because you cannot be there. They help them with FaceTime on their phones, make calls or read your notes. These are things that are not on their duty list but, still they do them.

May 6th is Nurse Appreciation Day. You may have a nurse in your family who is giving their all and you miss them. You may have nurses that are caring for a love one you cannot be near because of lock downs or quarantines of a facility. Gail’s Personalized Gifts has many items that you can send them as a way to say, “thank you, I appreciate you and all you are doing. It is not going unnoticed.” Select a special gift for the nurse you want to thank on our gifts for nurses page. 2020

In Times Like These

Self quarantine, who could imagine? Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), a common cold on steroids, has brought us to a screeching halt. What will happen? What will we do?

In America it means we come together, we stand strong, even in isolation. So many hurting, so many afraid. What can 1 do? We remember what American’s do. We act as ONE and extend out our hands in help:

• The elder neighbor who might need food
• The truck driver who cannot walk through drive-through
• The kids that are suddenly home-schooled and need help with studies
• The nurses, doctors, emergency staff, first
responders… are all working long hours. Can you help them with their personal errands? There are probably some who live in your neighborhoods.
• Do not forget the small businesses owners that make America great. They still need business to stay afloat.

Reach out in anyway you can. Be creative in lending a helping hand, it can be gloved, they will understand.

  • Call the salon, buy yourself a gift certificate for your usual manicure,
    pedicure or haircut to be used later
  • Call your favorite local eatery and ask if they will do take out
  • E-commerce businesses need you too, just like us.  I have gift certificates as well.

You know Easter is just around the corner and we’re still counting on you!  We have Easter gifts , baskets, buckets, wood signs, and totes.   Our Buckets are the best quality and you will not beat our prices.  You can leave them blank for decor or personalize them for that special child.  Order today for delivery straight to your door.  Please email me if you have any questions,

Happy Easter!

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Dig out the recipes, platters and decor for Thanksgiving 2019!

Can you believe Thanksgiving 2019 is already here and on your planning schedule? Thanksgiving starts a wonderful time of year for family and friends to gather.  So much to plan. We have started our menu lists, who will do/bring what. Need to get out the family platter for the Turkey. platter2

Maybe you have a favorite centerpiece you use every year.   My mother had a cornucopia that she filled with flowers one year and maybe olives and pickles the next.  It was always on the table, just like grandmother’s turkey platter; something you could count on.    cornicopia

Maybe this year you are figuring how to add two more seats to the seating.  Who will be at the “kids” table (we all hated that term and now we are doing it ourselves).  Every family has their way of celebrating Thanksgiving.  Not everyone cooks a turkey the same way or at all.  It can be baked, brined, grilled, smoked … anyway you can imagine. Some bring in their own cultures and cook ham, fish, various fowl, sausage and various other meats.

But, what is just as important are the tables that we gather around.  It is a time of grandmom’s China and crystal for many. Or, maybe you are starting your own traditions and need glassware. Personalized is a great choice. Plan ahead with a single initial so you can pass them to the next generation. table.jpgIt is a time for family and friends to gather and talk.  To get out of the electronic age.  We have a “no electronics rule” for the table.  Decorating is unique and special.  I have my mother’s old turkey dishes and cups.   Mother had service for 14-32 depending on the season.  turkeyplate

Whether you are gathering at grandmother’s, a favorite relative or friend’s home, or you are the host, you are probably making a side-dish or dessert.  My favorite to bring is my Sweet Potato Pecan Crumble Casserole  I grew up with a traditional marshmallow topping over just plain mashed sweet potatoes.  But, once I tasted the pecan crumble I was a fan.  Then I started “messing” with the sweet potatoes too.  The total result is a success.  I have kids, grands and friends eating sweet potatoes that never touched them before.  What’s your favorite side?  Or, are you the dessert bringer?  I love to bake one of my County Fair blue ribbon pies (lemon and chocolate being my favorites). chocolate pie

So add to the platter you love, shared recipes, and traditional decor special accents to your table. Take advantage of our 25% off of personalized tall highball or ice tea glasses and one of our personalized 60 oz. glass pitcherGail’s Personalized Gifts is your GO-TO for all Personalized glasses and bar ware any time of the year.  Order yours in time for Thanksgiving.


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